Publish date: 04-04-2012 14:37:19

Create your own path! Find a clever way to reach the basket

Avoid nailed balls Nailed balls will flat your ball

Level selection Choose any level you wish without annoying locks

Dominoes! You know what that means!

Vortexes! You get in here, you get out there!

Hard levels Use your brain and the law of physics for your own purpose

Ejection! Springs will give you the needed power to reach the basket

Mechanical barriers Use the mechanical barriers for your own purpose

We give you the chance to include your levels in the game!! Send us your level image to including details on how things work in your level and if we choose to include your level on next update you will be rewarded with a full game unlock even in trial!!

The ballz need to reach the basket in safety. Can you help them all? Sounds easy? Let's see how you will do it when you have springs, vortexes, would sticks, rotating objects and balls full of spikes in your levels.

Aren't you tired of 20 seconds looping background music? We were tired too! That is why we included 2 soundtracks and many sound effects in our game. There are 32 levels included in the initial version which are actually teaser levels of the levels included in the next updates. We hope you will enjoy our game as much as we did creating it ! Trial users can only play 8 levels and trial version is supported by ads to help this game go viral. Purchasing the game will remove the level limitation and ads.

Instruction :
To add a new level object such as trampolines or metal plates tap them on the top right corner. Then drag the activated object to the desired place. Pinch to rotate.

Full feature list :
+ New levels with each update
+ Amazing 32 creative levels
+ Stunning sound effects
+ Full gravity simulation supported by Farseer physics
+ Trampolines
+ Metal plates
+ Spike ballz
+ Wood sticks
+ Springs
+ Vortexes
+ Rotating objects

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  • Resolution HD720p (720x1280)
  • Resolution WVGA (480x800)
  • Resolution WXGA (768x1280)