Publish date: 30-05-2012 14:37:19

The bad cloud Dont let the bad cloud to poor rain on smiley

Many objects There are many objects to play with and protect smiley

Synchronize You will have to synchronize well to solve all the riddles

Level selection Choose any level you wish without annoying locks

Protect smiley Solve the riddle and protect smiley

Physics engine Get the law of physics at your side

Progressive levels of difficulty You will find many level types, some easy ones and some really hard ones

Metro UI Follows all the metro UI guidelines

Oh no! The evil cloud wants to harm the cute smileys by pouring its stars on them! Help them to get through all 32 levels by covering them!

A puzzle game for hard core solvers! You think you can get through all 32 levels? Levels are about to blow your mind! But dont get disapointed if you fail a level the first time! You can always try again!

Trial version :
- Limited to 25% of the levels (currently 8/32)
- Is ad supported to help this game go viral! If you would like to support us click on some ads!

Full version :
+ No level limit
+ No ads, just pure mind blowing fun!

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  • Phone identity
  • Resolution HD720p (720x1280)
  • Resolution WVGA (480x800)
  • Resolution WXGA (768x1280)