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Create custom fields The creation of custom fields like a map is a game and translatable!

Custom fields Custom fields like colors, maps and more

Image cropping Cropping and resampling an image to fit your template has never been easier

User rights You define what every user can see at model, property or row level

Translations Inserting a new language in the system is as easy as inserting a new entry in the languages table

Datatables Showing any resultset in a datatable is a matter of seconds

RORM Framework 2 is a development and managing tool of web apps. Create fast and easy web MVC applications ready to manage in a few hours. RORM Framework 2 allows you to focus in the bussiness logic from the beginning inserting an abstract layer between programming code, managing your models and the RDBMS you are using.


RORM Framework 2 inheriting all the good aspects of its predecessor is completely extendable. This means that you can easily create your own controls for your templates creating web applications with unique experiences.

Communicate with many RDBMS types at the same time in the same application like MySQL, MS-SQL, Mongo etc. Forget the old way that an app was communicating with a single database.

Validate all the user input automatically through the code-ready mechanisms that RORM Framework offers you or create your own validation rules fast and easy.

Render the admin dashboard of the application for every device. Whether it is a computer, a tablet or a smartphone.

Easily manage your users and their rightsin the application by creating user groups and defining their rights with the detail level you wish.

Translating your application to a new language is a now matter of seconds. You simply insert the details of the new language and the whole application becomes available for translation.

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